Asia Ship Supplies  & General Mdse is committed to provide excellent products & services to all Asian crew ships.   With sales expertise for more than two decades, we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed to all our customers.

As one of our commitment: Prices have been reduced in some cases, and in all exceptional opportunities are offered of obtaining high class goods yet far below cost-  Not to mention the big discounts on top of it.

Our customers can rely on receiving a very prompt service & competitive prices.                  We want seafarers to feel at home even though they are away from their loved ones.

Our List of Products available to offer: Provision, Bonded Stores, Deck & Engine, Private Order such as Health Products, Electronics – Products of the USA (guaranteed & reliable).

Food Provision:

Fresh Produce
Fresh Produce

Frozen Products,  Fresh Fruit & Vegetables,  Dried Goods, Condiments, Canned Goods, Chocolates, Cookies in cans, Rice,  Meat Products, Chicken Poultry, Fish & Seafood Products,  Special Products from the Philippines like Bagoong,  Dried Fish-Tuyo, Dilis,  Smoked Fish a.k.a Tinapa, Fish Sauce,  Sky Flakes, Ligo Sardines, Coconut Milk,  Milo, Nestle Cream, Nescafe etc’s..   Also, Products such as Ramen Noodles,  Pancit Canton, Ginseng  Tea, Lao Gan Sauce, Ice Cream,  Mixed Nuts, Different kinds of Chips, etc’s… Over tons of  items to choose from..Health Products such as Fish Oil, Sprulina, Men’s Vitamins, Move Free, Fish Oil 369- Omega, Eye-Aid, Arth-Aid,  and many more…

Soft Drinks / Soda

Bonded: Softdrinks, Long Life Milk, Mango Juice, Apple Juice,  Pineapple Juice, Grape Juice,  Bottled Water, Spring Water etc’s.

Marine/ Deck & Engine:

Vinyl Leather Winter Clothes, Rubber Step, Air Dusters, Lifebuoy Lights, Cast Broze Air Hose Couplings, Sounding Rods, Silent Door Hooks, Flant Paint Brushes, Solid Soap, Pneumatic Impact Wrenches, Stud Remover Wrenches Roller Type,  Clothing Materials… and thousands of many more items to choose from.

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Warehouse/ Processing Order Dept:

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Asia Ship Supplies Food Eats:

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Photo Gallery of  Asia Ship Supplies Customers:   Capt/s-(Master)

Capt/ Master:  JT                                                                               Chief Mate:  MV

Capt JChief-Mate MV S.

Capt/Master-MV C.D.P.                                                                  Capt/Master- MV Maritime E.

Master of C.D.P.Master MV M. E.

Capt/Master – MV Orient Dream:                                                  Capt/ Master – N. Spirit

MV Orient Dream Capt Master20140312_203410

Capt/ Master:  MV S. Sky:                                                                    Capt/ Master:   A. T. 2

20140305_133141 20140306_113724

Capt/ Master:  MV  N. Spirit  &  C/Ck                                       Capt/ Master:  MV N. Spirit with C/E

20140312_203256 20140312_203344

Capt/Master:  MV R. S.  (The Singing/ Musikero Capt)


Capt/ Master:  MV A. M.                                                   Capt/ Master:  MV


Capt/ Master:  MV TTM H.                                                      Capt/ Master:  MV P. A.


Capt/ Master:  MV V. Colossus


Capt/ Master:  MV H. Trader 1


Capt/ Master:  MV NS T 1 with C/E                                Chief Cook:   MV N.S. T. 1


Capt/ Master:  MV NS T. 1                                                              Capt/ Master:   MV A. Grace


Capt/ Master:  MV N. L.                                                                   Capt/ Master:  MV E. Grace


Capt/ Master:  MV IVS                                                                      Capt/ Master:  Bright B.


Capt/ Master:  MV King W.                                                      Capt/ Master : MV Orient  O.


Capt/ Master:  MV Rondeau

Master - RondeauJustin

Ship/ Master:  MV Billion Trader 1                                                     Ship/ Master:  MV Thalassa

MV Billion Trader 1MV Thalassa







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Asia Ship Supplies Staff Assistants:

BETH & JEAN FB PROFILE 2Jean with TonyJean with TonyJean with TonyAsia Ship StaffAsia Ship StaffAsia Ship Staff

Delivery Food Provision Trucks:

Asia Ship Truck Delivery 1Asia Ship Truck Delivery 2

Deliveries To: Port of Houston, Corpus Christi, Galveston, Port Arthur, Lake Charles, Beaumont, Greensport,  Point Comfort,  Texas City, Ports of Louisiana & Mobile, Alabama

For Product Inquiries:   Tagalog & English Speaking (Nola/ Houston Branch)

Contact: Justine or Jean Wong at (832) 517-0793/ Sales &  Marketing Assistant

For Product Inquiries:  Tagalog & Chinese Speaking

Contact: Tony Wong at (832) 623 – 2398 / Sales Managing Director

For Product Inquiries: Chinese & English Speaking (Houston, Texas Branch)

Contact: Justine Huang at:

For Product Inquiries: Chinese & English (Houston, Texas Branch)

Contact:  Allen Teng:

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Personal E-mail:    24/7 Fax Service To:  (281) 665 – 3470

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Postal Email:  P.O. BOX 5327 TX 77449


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